My milkshakes bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 

"I can’t. Freds, I just cant. I’m sorry but I just fucking love her. I’m sorry. I fucking love her.”


Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander in Germany, 1955.


I don’t think I can do any of these.


he’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr united states


how to write poetry like a white person

  • cigarettes
  • the taste of you
  • drowning
  • save me
  • no wait save yourself
  • cigarettes
  • !!

make sure to left align and god forbid touch a capital letter


The shawshank redemption
A clockwork orange
The godfather 1-2
The shining
Play it Again sam
Boys dont cry
Rain man
Girl interrupted
The dinner game
American graffity
Midnight in paris
The bucket list
Fast times at ridgemont high
The butterfly-effect
I stand alone

a simplified guide to sexualities
homosexual: sexually attracted to homer simpson
pansexual: gets off to various kitchen utensils
asexual: gets turned on by the first letter of the latin alphabet
demisexual: sexually attracted to you if and only if your blood is half divine
bisexual: can only have sex with two people ever. choose wisely
heterosexual: can only be satisfied by macklemore



Must-Read Summer Books 2014

School’s out and summer is here, time to throw away those heavy textbooks and indulge in a good book. We rounded up our top 5 must read books for summer 2014.

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